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Assortment of Rolling Tobaccos and Accessories

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If you prefer to roll your own cigarettes, News & Smokes offers all the products and accessories you’ll ever need.


Cigarette Rolling Tobacco:

Choose from our wide selection of products:

Vaping products

Cigars and rolling tobaccos

Pipes and glass pipes


Incense and novelties

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Choose from:

• Filters and rolling papers

• Injection tubes

• Machines for injector tubes and finger rollers

• Rolling tobacco brands like American Spirit, Drum, Bugler, and Top

• Accessories such as cases, ashtrays, premium lighters and butane

• 4 Aces

• Gambler



• Largo

• Sparrow

• Tin Star

• American Club

• Golden Harvest

• Good Stuff

**Product selection may vary by location.

Pipe tobaccos used for rolling cigarettes:

• American Spirit

• Drum

• Bugler

• Top

• Gambler

• Peter Stokkbye

• Samson

• Bali Shag